Michael's Company Philosophy

Michael's Bakery Products, LLC has been crafting high-quality cookies and bakery products since 1987. While we continue to grow, our philosophy remains centered on three tenets:

  • Creating delicious, high-quality products
  • Helping our customers fulfill a need
  • Fostering relationships with our customers, suppliers and team members that builds trust and a positive environment

Love What You Do

At Michael’s, finding a great position goes far beyond the job description.

One of the most important things to consider when researching particular companies is how their values align with your own. This is because working for a company is about a lot more than just the hours you put in each day. It’s about knowing that the company values what you do. Values like integrity, honesty and hard work. It is important to understand those values match up with your own. Whether it’s finding a company with a model you admire or one that takes children’s nutrition seriously, you should feel that you and Michael’s stand for the same things and that you can build a lasting relationship.

Many employees list cultural fit as the most important thing they look for when interviewing. Is important for you to take the time to assess how you’d fit in at the company and how the company culture would fit you.

At Michael’s, our corporate culture means that you feel valued by receiving positive feedback and by management supporting your efforts to learn and improve. Opportunities for growth abound, as Michael’s continues to bring on new types of clients in various sectors. 

Michael’s strongly believes in opportunities to learn, as enabling you to learn as much as possible is key to the development of your career. Look for companies that make you feel enthusiastic about taking on new challenges and offer the support you need to turn those challenges into wins.


Grow With Us

At Michaels, your professional skill development is our priority.

In addition to offering you opportunities to learn about the industry, we also offer opportunities for advancement within the organization. This is even more important in the case of entry-level jobs because the opportunity for a promotion is a great incentive to learn as much as possible and prove your commitment to the team. 

Feeling appreciated is an important part of any life experience, but it’s especially vital in your working life. 

We are a secure company with also a proven history of steady success. A solid track record is a great indication that a company can provide you with the type of environment you need to succeed.

This includes everything from in-depth training to goal setting and regular feedback, factors that are especially important as you grow your career.

In addition to offering training for your current role, we pride ourselves by teaching you transferrable skills that you can use elsewhere at Michael’s or in your next position in life. When applying for a job at Michael’s, ask what you can learn from the role and discuss training opportunities and skill building during your interview!